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With the new GT 350 out, it didn’t take Ford Performance long to bring out a really nice Cat-Back Touring Exhaust System with GT350 Exhaust Tips and Lower Valance for the GT Premium. I liked the looks of the GT350 exhaust and wanted a bit more authority from the exhaust on my new GT.

The part number is M-5200-M8TBV and if you want an even louder version you can get M-5200-M8SBV. I will say that outside at the rear of the car we registered 102 db at wide open throttle on the M-5200-M8TBV. The stock exhaust registered 85 db on wide open throttle. I found it just a little louder inside during a cruise or easy driving with no noticeable droning. That is a plus if you actually drive it a lot. This system eliminates the center resonator and includes an integral X-pipe. It is classified as an “aggresive sound and 50 state drive by noise legal” exhaust. It also bolts to the stock catalytic converters, stock hangers and mounts. It is made of 2.5″ stainless steel mandrel bent tubing.

stock valance

Here we are racked and ready to modify. The stock exhaust was easy to remove by loosening the clamps and lowering the front section of pipe and then unbolting the rear hangers. We (two people) slide it forward and then down.
Old exhaust

I’m not sure why, but Ford Performance says to remove the whole back bumper. Here is a copy of the instructions so you can see what they recommend, but I was able to reach up behind the bumper cover and release the tabs that hold the factory valance on. In my opinion, that was a lot easier than pulling the whole bumper cover. And, made for a much faster job. I did the whole job on my lunch hour.
Pre cut bumper

Here you will see where I put blue painters tape (I use this all over a car when working on them so I don’t scratch it or leave marks) on the bumper where I have to cut off part of the stock cover so the GT350 valance will snap on.
Rear bumper cover trimmed

Here is a shot once I used the grinder wheel to cut off the pieces.
New GT350 Valance

I have snapped on the new valance, put the new exhaust on, positioned it and tightened all the clamps.

Here are a some screen shots of the app we used to measure the before and after levels of the sound from the exhaust.

DB Levels

Here is the stock exhaust sound of the Mustang
Here is the Touring Exhaust sound of the Mustang
A sincere thanks to Buff for all his help and Jason for getting the parts!

Next up (actually down), lower this Stang!