Live Webcam

(for mobile devices, use the javascript control link at the bottom of the page)

(if live webcam area above is blank, you need the latest Java plugin)
Hours of operation: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm

Guide to Camera Controls

Step #1:
Click the “start control” button. You will be either placed in the queue or be given control of the camera if it is not in use.

Step #2:
Now that you have control of the camera you can click anywhere in the image to move the camera or use the scroll bars to pan and tilt the camera.

Zoom Control: Use this to zoom in and out.

Backlight: Toggle this for low lighting.

Snapshot: Click this to take a picture.
(Not all browsers support this Snapshot function)

Use the following link for Smart Phones

Mobile Webcam Control

Use the following link for iPads

iPad Webcam Control