Our latest modification was done to a young lady’s 2009 Focus. She really likes this car, but after the mods she loves it. We have never had anyone jump so high with excitement as she did when she saw the completed modification!

We installed new springs to lower the car and installed new wheels and tires.
The springs were Eibach Prokit which is a progressive rate spring. This will lower the car and still have a great ride. Next we changed out the wheels and tires with a 17″ wheel called a Haze made by American Racing. It is a polished black wheel with a polished chrome lip. The rubber is a Yokohama Invegor P215/45 R17. As you can see this is a great look.

Here is a shot of the car before we begin. Note the gap in the fender well.

Un-boxing the Eibach springs.

Dis-assembling the front struts.

New strut and spring installed.

Now, onto the rear of the car.

Here you see that it has dropped the ride about an inch. It will settle after a bit of driving to about one inch lower than original ride height. Also, with the larger tires it fills the fender wells well. It also rides very nice.