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Adding Some Boost!

Here is an upgrade that brings great reviews from our customers.

This modification takes a naturally-aspirated Mustang GT and adds a Whipple Supercharger. This package is put together by Ford Racing and includes the tuner package. Also added is a intercooler and assorted components such as tank, hoses and pump. Also, to handle the higher demand on fuel delivery, a second pump and wiring are included. Ford has dyno tested this package and says it takes the stock 315 horsepower engine and bumps it to 550 horsepower. Ya Baby!

First we remove the stock intake manifold, injectors, throttle body and associated components.

Now we make room in the front of the engine since we will be adding the new components for the blower, intercooler and components.

Here is the new plenum that houses the intercooler and the blower bolts down on.

It’s time to bolt down the blower and start hooking up the belt system and install the higher flow injectors.

Ya think?

Off comes the front bumper. The new exchanger (radiator) for the intercooler and pump get installed here.

Fits very nicely in there!

On goes the throttle body and in go the injectors.

Now comes the installation of the intercooler coolant bottle and the finishing touches to the wiring.

We now install the new intake air box and put the front bumper back on. We now also install the extra fuel pump and module. All thats left now is installing the new flash and firing it up. Perfect!

Just a note. You might now want to consider:

  • Your face may hurt from smiling so much when you first drive this!
  • You might want to do a suspension upgrade as you will get the rocking chair effect when accelerating and shifting!
  • Install a 1 piece driveshaft. Not only will it tighten up the driveline (might clunk a bit) it adds about 15 horsepower.

December Service Specials

We have some great specials in Service for December! Brakes, Batteries and tires. The “Works Fuel Saver Package” and more.

Check them all out on the following pages:


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