2011 Ford Raptor

What happens when you add a Pro Charger to a Raptor with an engine that has power ratings of 411 horsepower and 434 ft. lb. of torque that no other engine in its class can match?

You get an awesome ride! You get a super strong pull on acceleration in a very controllable fashion. Talk about fashion, this kit really looks great under the hood too. When the fine tuning was done, this engine did a Dyno pull of 465 horsepower and 455 pounds of torque using 10.95 lbs of boost! And thats at the REAR WHEELS!

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As always, many thanks to Alex and his guys at Carb Connection for the fine tuning and dyno work!

To get started we remove the stock air box and intake silencer.

Next the lower air box and coolant reservoir have to come out to make room for the blower.

Now out comes the stock fuel injectors and they get replaced with 63 lbs per hour injectors. With more air, comes the need for more fuel!

The power steering reservoir needs to be relocated because of the new coolant overflow tank.

After mounting the blower bracket we can install the super charger.

We need to make sure and filter this extra air with an air filter that can handle the extra volume.

Another angle

Here is a shot of the Air Bypass that is vacuum controlled to vent pressure at idle and when you take your foot out of it.

Here is a good shot of the intercooler and its size. This should help keep the intake air cool.

Finished view.

Ready for some action!