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69 BOSS 302 Mustang by Ian Cook

Wallpaper iPhone or Mobile device iPad Full size image

Recently I watched Ian Cook ( @Popbangcolour on Twitter ) via Live twitcam, do a painting of the Parnelli Jones 69 BOSS 302 Mustang. I was amazed as this blank canvas turned into a masterpiece. What an artist! I have included his link to twitpic and I have also made two different wallpapers for iPhone / Mobile devices and iPad. If you click on the first image a full size version will load and you could use that for your desktop.

Make sure to give a shout out to Ian via Twitter @Popbangcolour Here is the link to his two images on twitpic! First picture and second picture.

The 2nd Event is On!

The Big Tire and Brake Sale!

Get $100 dollars back from Ford when you buy 4 tires! This great offer is on GOODYEAR, Continental TIRE, PIRELLI, HANKOOK, DUNLOP TIRES and YOKOHAMA!

Check out all the other great specials we have during this Event! Like, $40 in rebates per axle on Motorcraft Complete Brake Services! For more details jump to this page.

Here is the link to Ford’s website where you can fill out your rebate.

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