We had the pleasure of doing some additional mods to this beautiful 2005 Ford GT.

This car has already had some great modifications (I will post some of them at the end), but the owner wanted to drop it a bit more, put some different rubber on (stickier and wider). He also wanted to put a classic style exhaust from the 60s on it and a bumper delete. The vehicle is driven most sunny days, so, since we had the back of the car off, we replaced the clutch and serviced the transmission and engine fluids as well. We also replaced the fuel and air filters too.

We also did some modifications inside the car as well. We relocated the bass speaker, the amplifier and installed an audio input for the radio.

During this work we decided to replace the windshield too(big job on this car) since it had taken a rock.

Some of these photos can be clicked on for a full size copy.

First up, remove the tail. We are going to remove the Ford Racing muffler(we had installed previously) and replace it with an x-pipe and at the same time we do the bumper delete. The weight savings is 60lbs! The owner has opted for the classic style exhaust look from the 60’s GT. The exhaust will exit where the stock license plate was. At idle it sounds just right. The cats keep it pleasant at idle and low rpms. Inside the car there isn’t any droning. But, when you stand on it, AWESOME! Very nice sound.

The clutch is a dual plate, dry friction clutch disc and holds up well for most stock and lightly modified applications. This GT has been bumped to about 650 HP.

After replacing the clutch, Buff has taken off the frame extensions and has bolted on the new shorter pieces. He is also installing the new grill pieces to the tail and fitted the X-Pipe.

Here Buff and I have set the tail back on and are getting ready for the fun part of adjustment!

Next up, relocate the bass speaker and amplifier.

In my humble opinion (and some others too) this setup for the optional bass speaker is probably the oddest thing on this awesome car. I don’t know if it was an afterthought or what. Luckily, there are several different people out there that have made kits to relocate the bass speaker and the amplifier. If you relocate it, it gives you a better view out the rear of the car (and you can see the supercharger better!). You can use the standard map holder or, in this case, the owner opted for a carbon fiber model.
There is plenty of room behind each seat for one of the items (amp/speaker) and it really opens up the area between the seats.

Here you can see the speaker is relocated in a slimmer profile. We use the original wiring with an extension for the speaker.

We are able to relocate the ground wire so the wiring harness can still plug into the relocated amplifier. Here we are ready to position the rubber (re-used) insulation behind the map holder.

Carbon fiber map holder in place. Much cleaner, less clutter and easier to see out the back!

Next up, new and larger tires, lower it a bit more and align it.
When it comes to tires, there seems to be as many choices as opinions. There have been quite a few Ford GT owners that have tried a bigger tire and been very happy. The owner chose to go with the Bridgestone Potenza RE050A. The original tires on the GT are Goodyear Eagle F1 SUPERCAR. The size in the front was 235/45 ZR18 and the rear 315/40 ZR 19. We went with 265/40ZR18 on the front and 345/35 ZR 19 on the rear. They mounted up well on the stock wheels and fill the wheel wells just right. Even after lowering a bit front and rear.
It was easy to drop it a bit more since it already had the different springs and adjustable collars on it. We had to have some custom adjustment washers/shims made so we could fine tune the alignment.

Some of the other upgrades we made were:
Short throw shifter by Ford Racing. We also customized a shift ball so it sits recessed on the shifter shaft (one of our Technicians has a small machine shop at home and recessed the bore in the ball and bottom tapped the threads).

We sent the seats out to be customized. The bottom section is changed so taller people have more headroom. Tailored by Knights does a great job.

Installed a transmission cooler from Ford Racing.

Underdrive pulley on the supercharger and custom tuning.