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50th Anniversary Edition 2015 Ford Mustang

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We had the privilege to do some really cool mods to a georgeous 50th Anniversary Edition 2015 Ford Mustang. Some of the things we did to it are, we added a 2.9L Whipple Supercharger and gauge pack. We installed an Air Lift Performance suspension system, replaced the sill plates with some personalized sill plates and then we set the lighting system (a little trickery was involved) to change the colors along with the rest of the lighting system. We also replaced the stock steering wheel with a new GT350 steering wheel.

First up, adding some more ponies to the pony.

Normal asperated

Other than some great looking covers, the engine is stock at this point.
Whipple parts
Whipple Supercharger Parts II

All these pieces and more have to fit in that same space!
Take Apart

We carefully remove the covers and the stock intake system.
Intake off

Unboxed the intercooler/intake manifold.
intercooler unboxed

Installed the intercooler/intake manifold and fuel rails. Fits nicely.

Buff has mounted the Whipple, put the pulley and belt on and is doing some wiring. He has also removed the front bumper so he can install the Low Temp Radiator (LTR). We also refer to it as the radiator for the intercooler.

Whipple really does a fantastic job of fabrication. Everything just works. Here the LTR and tank is mounted. After hooking up the pump, the bumper cover will go back on.
LTR and tank

Now that the front bumper is back on it is time to update the throttle body to a billet 132MM eliptical (2000 CFM) throttle body. We bolt on the factory electric motor and bolt it directly to the Super Charger inlet.

The last thing before uploading the tune and firing it off, is to wrap it up with a great CAI (cold air intake).


Uploaded the tune and lit it off! Ran perfect right from the start. Runs smooth and has a very strong pull!
Ready for some gauges and test drive. After that it will come back in for the air suspension!
The gauges go where the stock oil pressure and vacuum gauge go. These plug right in and there is no need to do any programming.

Here is a video clip of a light pull to check the guages (turn up your sound & select HD). Sorry, hand held.

Next up, Air Suspension!

Part 1 / 2 / 3

50th Anniversary Edition 2015 Ford Mustang (Part II)

Part 1 / 2 / 3

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Our next modification is to install an airlift suspension system on this awesome Mustang. The owner choose to go with Air Lift Performance which is the performance division of Air Lift Company. They have been engineering and manufacturing air suspension products since 1949! We installed the 3P Kit and set it up to automatically go to a preset height on remote start. The customer chose a height that would be his normal (albeit lower than the original normal) ride height. That way we could align the suspension for best performance and tire wear.

Here are all the pieces that come in the kit.

Air Lift Kit

Starting in the front of the car we take out the front strut and install the Air Lift strut and air bag. The pieces are standard fitting components and don’t require any modification. Simply unbolt the stock struts and then bolt the new ones in.
Stock strut
Front Air Lift components

Here is a side by side comparison of the stock vs Air Lift

Side by Side

Now, on to the rear. Out with the stock and in with the Air Lift. The rear is a little more work in that you have to loosen the rear subframe to get the stock springs out. As with the front, all components bolt into the stock mounting positions.
Stock rear
Rear Air Lift

Now the fun begins. The rest of the system (air tank, air distribution block etc.) can be mounted in the different ways depending on your preference.
Here is where we put the compressor and tank. We spun the inflate kit around and fit the components in. The air distribution fit well on the side behind trim panel. Buff is very particular how he runs cables, hoses and wires.
Wheel well
Wheel well with Air Lift
H2O seperator and air distrabution block

Here is what it looks like with all the panels and mat back in place. Looks great!
Finished with trim in place

Here is the difference between the stock height and the Car with the new Air Lift suspension slammed!
Height Comparision

We programmed the Air Lift to raise up to the preset height on remote start up. Select HD.

Looks awesome!

(Click image for full size)

Next up, custom sill plates and GT350 steering wheel.

Part 1 / 2 / 3

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