How do you improve an already awesome vehicle like the Raptor? Accessorize it! What is a Raptor? Here is my modified dictionary description:
raptor (rāp’tər)
— n
1. A carnivorous bipedal dinosaur of the late Cretaceous period.
2. An Off-Road Ready Ford F-150 SVT Beast of a truck.

Raptors had hind legs that were adapted for leaping and large, curved claws used for grasping and tearing at prey. Incredible power and agility in a compact body.

1600–10; < Latin raptor one who seizes by force, robber, equivalent to rap ( ere ) ( see rape1 ) + -tor -tor This post will start with the delivery of the truck and as we make a change or modification, we will up date it.

Day 1 – After tracking it on BNSF’s website as it made it’s way across the country it finally arrives. We sent it out for a spray in bedliner by Line-X (with additional UV protection). When it got back we installed a Bed-Extender. We also wired up an Escort 9500 9500ix radar detector.

Day 3 – The first thing we did was to change the setting on the front suspension. The RAPTOR comes with 3 different settings for the front springs. Mr. Wee had us put on some wheels and tires that he purchased from Addictive Desert Designs in Arizona.
Buff took the front suspension and moved the spring seat to the middle position. That lifts the front just about 2″ inches. The tires and wheels we put on are 17″ X 8.5 Method Racing wheels with a ‘0’ offset and a 4.75 backspace and the tires are 35″ X 12.5″/17″ Toyo Open Country.

Our next upgrade is a 55 WATT HIGH-OUTPUT DIGITAL HID Kit by Retro-Solutions.

These exclusive kits feature 55 watt high-output DIGITAL ballasts. At 55 watts of true power, these ballasts will offer more light (30 – 40%) than any 35W HID kit on the market! Ballasts are 100% digitally controlled, which allows extremely high efficiency, low starting current, and low operation current.

We will start by removing the headlamp assembly so we can mount the new ballast and wiring.

We install the new wiring harness that neatly plugs into the stock harness and into the ballast that gets mounted behind the headlamp.

Wow. That is bright! We had to lower those a bit!

Next up, exhaust!

Mr. Wee worked with the fine folks at Stainless Works ( and ordered up a setup they have for the Raptor. It is 3″ factory connect Y-pipe with Turbo S mufflers. The Raptor has a nice sound to it already, but this added a nice growl without a nasty drone inside the cab (like so many modified exhaust systems). The outside decimals did go up, but inside barely changed!

While we are under here, we will install some shields for the ABS sensors and the vacuum ports. These are produced by SDHQ (Super Duty Headquarters Off Road). If you offroad, it is easy to knock this stuff around.

Now that that is done, we installed an Airaid cold air induction system and uploaded an SCT 5 Star tune (for 92 octane).
Next up, awesome bumpers and more lights!

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