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Phase II

During this phase, we will be adding additional lighting and changing the bumpers and adding a winch.
The front bumper is a ADD stealth design bumper with custom ‘SVT Raptor’ logo laser cut-outs. The bumper has a winch option and Mr. Wee opted for the Recon 10.5 winch with synthetic line. The winch comes with wired and remote control. The rear bumper is a ADD rear Dimple-R bumber with custom “SVT logo laser cut outs too.

For lighting the following lights were installed.
Rigid Industries 40” E-Series LED light-bar (white, dual spot/flood pattern). This one actually hurts your eyes (still felt it two hours later!).

Behind the front bumper we mounted Rigid Industries Dually D2 LED (amber, flood pattern) and Rigid Industries Dually D2 LED (white, flood pattern). In the back bumper we mounted Rigid Industries Dually LED (white, flood pattern).

Here we get ready to unpack the goods!

We start by pulling off the front bumper.

Now off with the back bumper.

We mount the winch to the ADD bumper. This isn’t just a bumper, this is heavy duty combination bumper, skid plate and winch mount! Now Buff mounts the light bar and light modules.

Next Buff mounts the lights on the rear bumper (also very heavy duty) and installs the bumper.

At this point Buff wires all this up. A really cool thing Ford has done for years is equip certain trucks with upfitter switches and pass through wiring. This way we don’t have to punch through the firewall and they terminate the wires next to the upfitter switches. The upfitter switches come pre-wired to the fuse panel. This makes the job much cleaner!

Speaking of cleaner, next we will change out the air cleaner and install a Airraid air intake system. We have already changed the exhaust and Mr. Wee wants to use 92 octane so we will also upload a different tune by 5 Star tune.

Here is the stock air box before the surgery.

The AIRAID air filter fits like a glove!
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