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This truck has a great suspension right from the factory! But, there are some great mods that can be done and of course, Mr. Wee is all over that!

RPG (Raptor Performance Group) set out to design the gold standard of bolt-on SVT Raptor performance suspension. They succeeded! This is what we put on this truck.

This rear suspension kit takes Fox Racing 2.5″ Air Bump Stops (these are what are used on Trophy Race Trucks) and combine them with custom made springs from National Leaf Springs. This combination makes for not only an extremely capable suspension but a fantastic ride!

Here are all the bump stop and cross brace components.

This spring kit eliminates the use of the block. I wonder which spring is tougher?

Here you can see the stock spring and rubber bump stop.

Very nice package to install. The folks at RPG really have this dialed down!
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